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See You At The Top

Paramount Sports, located in the Amber Valley Retail Center, is a specialty outdoor sporting goods store. Our focus is bikes, camping canoes, kayaks, waterskiing, outdoor clothing, paintball, and snowboards. Our managment staff has over 32 years experience in outdoor sporting goods retail and managment. Paramount Sports has you covered from a leisurely ride on the bike path to epic adventures that take you across continents and around the world.

The Perfect Holiday Gift!

• A great present anytime of the year
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Santa Cruz For All Ages!

Santa Cruz bicycles keep you going strong!

Whether you're 7 or 70, with or without your teeth, Santa Cruz has a bike that'll keep you young. Come check out our Santa Cruz pedal-powered fountains of youth today!

Make It A Happy Cycling Thanksgiving!

We recommend getting out for a Thanksgiving-morning ride. There's no better way to work up a healthy appetite and fine food tastes even finer after enjoying one of your favorite loops! 

Today's Tip

Corner With Care – It’s a good idea to use care entering corners, especially unfamiliar ones. Cars tend to push gravel to the edge of the road, right where you’re riding, so slow down before the corner and watch for debris. If you bring too much speed into a turn, don’t slam on the brakes because you might skid a tire and lose control. Instead, gradually apply the brakes. To gain control, turn your head and look to the inside of the corner, which will help you remain on your side of the road. You tend to head towards where you look so if you can turn and see the inside of the corner, you’ll find that you won’t ride out of it.

Feature Items

Faith 2

Giant named this bad bike the Faith 2 but maybe sin is more apt. Sin because 200mm of rear travel and 180mm up front let you ride so fast you'll laugh diabolically. Sin because Alex Sup... [more]

Liquid Logic

The Pisgah’s classic “Shallow V” hull design provides superior stability along with great tracking and speed. Boosting the quietest hull in its class the Pisgah is perfect on peaceful l... [more]


Designed specifically by Pep Fujas, this twin tip was designed with the pipe and park in mind. A radical and state of the art flex pattern allows the rider to perform tip presses and ol... [more]

Never Summer

Freestyle Board [more]

Actys 100

Novice to intermediate skiers seeking a stable, easy-turning ski. Designed for groomed surfaces at low to medium speeds.

Come to Paramount Sports to see them in person! [more]


The Tippmann C-3™ with PEP (Propane Enhanced Performance) technology is the world’s first propane powered paintball marker. With more than 50,000 shots per 16-ounce tank, you can spend ... [more]


Low price. High tech. The Gila can take you to places far from home and traffic. It offers high functionality and competition-ready features at an affordable price. There are 23 head-co... [more]

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