Bicycle Labor Rates

Brake System

Rim $6
Disc $8
Install Pads Rim $8
Install Pads & Center Disc $10
Bleed Disc Brake (Fluid Extra) $20
Install Hydraulic Line $20
Install Cable & Housing $10
Cable Only $3
Install Housing $10

Note: On Road Bikes, Bar Tape may need replacement after housing install


Basic (Front Hub, Headset, Older BB) $16
Advanced (Rear Hub, BB) $18
Overhaul (Front Hub) $20
Overhaul (Rear Hub, Headset) $25
Overhaul (BB) $20
Headset Install $20
Bottom Bracket Install $15
External Bottom Bracket Install ( includes tap, and Face) $30

Note: With Overhaul, replacement bearing cost is not included


Shift System

Derailleur $6
Derailleur install & Adjustment $9
Straighten Hanger $8
Straighten Derailleur $10
Cable Install $3
Housing Install $9
Chain Install $10
Cassette or Freewheel Install $5


Frame & Fork

Straighten & Align Dropouts $15
Face BB Shell $20
Tap & Face BB Shell $25
Face & Ream Headtube $15
Frame Saver $20
Cut Fork, Star Nut Install $10


Truing $15
True & Tension $20
Replace Spoke Front $15
Replace Spoke Rear $18
Lace, Tension, Balance $30
Install Tube Front $6 Rear $8
Install Tube (internal Hub) $10



Quick $40
- Front & Rear Derailleur adjustment
- Brake Adjustment
Major $60
-Front & Rear Derailleur adjustment
-Both Wheels Trued
-Chain Lubed
Overhaul $100
-Cables and Housings replaced
-Front and Rear Derailleur Adjusted
-Bearings Cleaned & Greased
-Brakes Adjusted
-Wheels Trued
-Chain Lubed
(Prices do not include parts)


* We only use Fast Wax brand wax, done by hand, no cutting corners with cheap waxes or machine application.

Wax (Downhill & Snowboard) $15
Wax (XC Classic w/cleaning of old wax) $20

Sharpen Edges (Downhill) $20
Sharpen Edges (Snowboard) $20

Basic Tune (Grind, Sharpen, Wax) $45 min
Stone Tune (Grind, Stone Grind, Sharpen, Wax) $60

Edge Repair (Not Needing Replacement Addition To Tune) $10 min
Edge Repair (Needing Replacement Addition To Tune) $20 min

Base Weld (Addition To Tune) $15 min
Major Base Repair (Addition To Tune) $5 min

Mount (XC) $20
Mount (DH) $40
Remount (XC) $25
Remount (DH) $50
Mount (Snowboard) $10
Adjust and Test (DH) $35

* All Mounts Are Free If Part Of The Package Is Purchased Here

Boot Molding $60 min
Boot Fitting (Grinds, Shaping, Stretching) $20 min

* All Boot Molding Or Fitting Free With Boots Purchased Here


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